Define your Integration Process

Usually a retailer uses different solutions for the different parts of his process. Let's take the example of a retailer using one solution to the POS management, another one for the global company strategy monitoring and a third one for the accounting. The main problematic is then how to send the information from one solution to another one without loosing any data, keeping the information integrity and maybe arrange it to fit the receiving solution format.

ibs Integration gives an administrator the possibility to manage the data flow from a point to another one in guaranteeing the information integrity.

“manage your integrations and benefit from soft solutions' suite integrity controls”

Thanks to ibs Integration, the administrator will be able to manage three types of interface: Import data, Export data and convert the data the data from a format to another one.


General Description:
ibs Integration is a solution to manage data integration from XML sources, flat files and tables including an advanced mapping capability.

How to?
Before accessing to the application, the administrator may precisely identify:

  • The kind of integration he needs to perform (Import, Export or Transform)
  • The Source (type, links, content)
  • The Destination (type, links, content)

Then, he will prepare the data mapping and the needed algorithm if needed (ex: transform the date format, add null values in case the filed is null…)

Finally, the Administrator may define the execution mode and its frequency, whether the process will be executed manually or through an automated Business Process generated by ibs Workflow.


General Description:
ibs Integration supports multiple inputs and outputs within the same process. The Administrator needs to correctly identify each one of them and their order of proceeding.

How to?
The Administrator will define if the sources and destinations are:

  • A Document (flat file or xml)
  • A Data base (through JDBC)
  • A Web service
  • A Query which returns results from Soft Solutions' Suite
  • An interface table

Then, he will be ready to proceed to the mapping creation.