ibs Datasync


Synchronizing item catalogues with suppliers, and keeping the information aligned between their business processes and those of their suppliers, leverages both top and bottom line business benefits.

In developing such strategy, retailers need to ensure that any data synchronization solution issecure and in compliance with global standards as developed by GS1, while, at the same time, the solution needs to be flexible enough to allow synchronization with suppliers that have not yet integrated with existing data pools.

“Manage the external data exchange as a recipient data pool or act as a source data pool”

ibs DataSync, being a component of valoores in'Retail' Retail Collaboration Suite, is a complete data synchronization solution that enables the retailer to manage the external data exchange as a recipient data pool or act as a source data pool.


valoores in'Retail offers a fully GS1-certified retail data synchronization solution. ibs DataSync can be installed for retailers to act as a data recipient or recipient data pool, or by any of the GDSN data pools to be used as a source and recipient data pool. In addition to being fully compliant with all market and international standards, it supports one-to-one protocols to communicate with suppliers that are not compliant with such standards.

ibs Datasync allows retailers to register suppliers and items, and automatically synchronize the data into supplier's and item's database. Buyers and Category Managers have access to any supplier and item information within the global registry, using GPC classification at their desk, thus reducing sourcing time and cost. Moreover, ibsDatasync manages additional item attributes specific to the retailer's business needs.

Direct benefits:

ibs DataSync allows retailers to:

  • Improve data quality by integrating real-time modifications, centralizing information and improving exchange of information
  • Reduce costs and improve productivity by reducing the weight of user typing in the listing process
  • Enhance Offer Management by accessing extended Supplier Catalogues.


ibs DataSync can be used as a recipient data pool, by retailers adhering to GDSN, to:

  • Access and locate worldwide supplier and item information
  • Subscribe and receive item and supplier information from GDSN and Non-GDSN cataloguesusing GDSN standards (GS1, EANnet.fr)
  • Receive files sent directly from suppliers in xls, csv, xml, pdf formats or flat files
  • Enable suppliers to manually enter the data by directly accessing the retailer's portal
  • Enrich items with added information depending on retailer's business needs
  • Accept or reject items from catalogues
  • Cross reference GDSN standard fields with retailer's master data management database for internal synchronization
  • Manage various pre-listing and listing statuses.

ibs DataSync can be used as a source data pool by a supplier or GS1 data pool to:

  • Send item and supplier information to GDSN catalogues or retailers' own data pool
  • Receive item and supplier messages to and from the retailer or GDSN data pools
  • Manage the upload of item information to the various GDSN data pools
  • Synchronize on item data coming from the retailer's master data.