ibs Rsx (Retail Services Exchange)


Retailers and retail solution providers have invested significant time and money in Product Information Management systems, aimed primarily at item Data Synchronization between suppliers and retailers.

While this has been a valuable activity, it only touches base on part of the collaboration opportunities between trading partners. Significant bottom line benefits can be realized through a more complete level of process integration and data interchange through the implementation of valoores in'Retail' ibsRsx.

Modular and able to be implemented consistently with unique company needs and priorities, valoores in'Retail' ibs Rsx brings new levels of collaborative capabilities for global trading partners, resulting in more competitive products to serve the needs of consumers.


ibs Rsx is a comprehensive tool for the transmission and integration of data that comes from other modules of the valoores in'Retail' Suite, or data sent to these or any existing application within a retailer's organization by suppliers.

These transmissions are bilateral, and can include a wide range of information types, including marketing and sales data, financial information and logistics data.

In addition, ibs Rsx enables the integration of information sourced worldwide through its Web Services Management function.


Reporting Services Management:

  • Marketing Services, where suppliers can access marketing and sales data for a supplier's products.
  • Financial Services, where suppliers can access accounting data such as outstanding invoices, account status and purchase data.
  • Logistics Services, where suppliers can access purchase orders, receipts, inventory levels and other logistics information.

Web Services Management:
Providing the capability of integrating information from web-based sources for the purposes of supplier collaboration:

  • Marketing Services, including survey data from sources such as AC Nielsen.
  • Financial Services, including financial data from industry sources.
  • Logistics Services, including tariff charts and insurance tables.