ibs Promotions


Today, retailers evolve in a fast moving and very competitive world, and so they need to approach the market with innovative products, attractive prices and strong negotiations.

To ensure success in such a demanding buisness world, the retailers need to master their Promotion strategies. This is not limited to the application of a discounted price on products, it goes beyond prices, through an entire Promotional Event with consistent products offer: daily used products with discounted prices, new and innovative products, and, targeted products in accordance with the customer's profile.

A Promotional Event helps retailers attract more customers to generate more sales, improving their image (pricing image, products image), in regard to their customers and competitors, in order to gain market share.

ibs Promotions is a solution that helps retailers build their promotional activities through a unified end-to-end business process that will facilitate timely decision-making, communication and coordination.

All operational departments, such as: the Marketing team, the Purchasing Department or Financial Department are involved in the management and implementation of the promotional strategies. ibs Promotions helps you synchronize all these teams, and provides a "single version of the truth", all along the Promotion Building process. The Executive Management team can use dashboards to complete and control the event. Our solution enables these departments to easily communicate in real-time with the store where the directions can have some decision-making position and daily optimizations. ibs Promotions facilitates the communication with external actors, the advertising agency, the printer and the flyer distributor.

ibs Promotions Management for retail is a fully integrated and comprehensive system managing and executing effective promotions. Modular in nature, it enables retailers to implement the promotion based on their current and prospective future business needs, and to support any change in their organization.

“Single shared "version of the truth" of the promotional activity.”

Coordinating information among departments and systems is a challenge for retailers. They need accurate insight where promotional characteristics best fit their strategies and targets. Retailers often have to evaluate multiple scenarios that involve trade-offs, for example: how to maximize supplier trade funds for each promotional event while, at the mean time, applying available media budget to maximize the promotion's financial return.


Promotion policy must balance quantitative objectives, budget, time, locations and media. ibsPromotions from valoores Retail is dedicated to the task of managing the promotional offers through planning, event preparation, execution at point-of-sale and follow-up in real-time.

Furthermore, our solution provides measurement of return on investment, comparison with competitor media prices, and a drafting catalog before sending it off for printing.

Some of the proven outcomes of our Promotions management for Retail include the following:

  • Saving time in the execution of Promotion Building;
  • Enhancing visibility of the entire promotional process;
  • Centralizing information into the same application involving different departments of the organization;
  • Real-time Optimization of the flow among different actors;
  • Generating targeted reports for different business purposes;
  • Adaptation to all kinds of banners organization , current and future;
  • Improving promotional pricing accuracy;
  • Contributing to the price image, and the modernity perception (Highlighting the new products);
  • Designing Flyer content;
  • Time Saving through the functionality of duplication, mass-creation and template.


Executing promotions has always been a challenge due to the multitude of systems and manual processes that do not communicate together. In order to plan and execute successful promotions, ibs Promotions allows you to have accurate information at the right time to set the promotional calendar, collaborate with suppliers, plan promotional items, forecast sales, design and produce media advertising and communicate with stores regarding in-store displays elements.

  • An Efficient Promotional Planner
  • Optimal Event Creating & Monitoring Solution
  • Product Content Management
  • Media Design & Communication

valoores in'Retail provides retailers with a flexible solution facilitating timely decision-making, communication and coordination between departments.