ibs Central


Through proper supervision and management of the supply-chain operations, ibs Centraladdresses and delivers on Distribution Centers' (platforms and warehouses) business objectives by reducing operational costs and ensuring an overall view of stores' activities.

Due to the lack of integrated solutions, Distribution Center employees usually waste a lot of time because they are unable to access - in real-time - the operational store and corporate information they need. With ibs Central, Distribution Center employees have real-time access to accurate and up-to-date information.
Thus, they can efficiently resolve operational and functional problems in a timely manner.

ibs Central, linked to retailers' Distribution Center WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), manages all logistics interfaces between the distribution center and the retailer. It enables distribution center employees to perform their daily tasks in an optimal manner: the built-in Dashboard functionalities and alerts inform users of tasks requiring their attention, as opposed to users having to manually look up the information, waste time and risk missing requests.

Since ibs Central is directly linked to ibs Store, it also inherits retailers’ store orders and allocations data in real-time for automatic consolidation, thus significantly reducing delays and errors.

“the complete solution designed for the optimal management of the information flow among all supply-chain players”

With ibs Central, Distribution Center users can optimize their tasks:

  • Consolidation of Stores' orders and follow-ups
  • Stores' sales forecasting
  • Distribution Center output forecasting
  • Distribution Center merchandise orders
  • Organization of Merchandise receiving and returns
  • Invoice control
  • Sending shipment Order to Distribution Center WMS
  • Store Shipment follow-up and Invoicing
  • Stock management
  • Fiscal and physical inventories.


ibs Central provides the functionality to manage the entire logistic flow, and provides a global view of Distribution Center and Store ordering activities.

It will help to visualize, control, consolidate and optimize the whole logistic process.

ibs Central is flexible and adapts to any supply chain organization:

  • Direct or indirect flow
  • Replenishment mode such as storage good (Warehouse), Split off and Cross Docking (Platform)

ibs Central relies on ibs Referential to retrieve a 'single version of the truth' for all information related to the Supply Chain (Suppliers, Warehouses, Stores, Activities), and data managed (Product, Cost, Ordering Schedule, Purchase Conditions).

ibs Central is used to:

  • Increase buying profitability
    • Reduce operational costs
    • Optimize supply-chain and stock levels
    • Increase distribution center productivity
    • Control operating accounts.
  • Optimize the buying process
    • Reduce repetitive tasks
    • Focus on value-added tasks
    • Manage by exception (workflow alerts)
    • Provide users with customized information to take business actions (to-do lists)
    • Optimize use of resources through better task planning
    • Diffuse updated information to users in a timely fashion.
  • Automate certain tasks
    • Plan teams’ work time
    • Real-time stock and buying information, consolidated
    • Propose stock procurement levels automatically
    • Generate order creation.
  • Quick Return On Investment
    • Reduce deployment and maintenance with the underlying centralized infrastructure
    • Reduce training requirements through Internet based navigation, customizable screens and intuitive user interfaces.


ibs Central provides the necessary functionalities for the Buying Department to optimize the merchandise planning and ordering in an efficient and standardized manner while remaining flexible to anticipate business needs.

ibs Central is a Solution that delivers the following capabilities:

  • Allocation Process
    • Creation of the file for commitment
    • Organization of the communication flow between distribution center and stores
  • Merchandise Planning and Ordering
    • Merchandise planning, planned orders and replenishment optimization
    • Purchase budgets consolidation
    • Stores orders consolidation
    • Supply chain optimization (multi stores & centers)
    • Prepare and issue purchase orders
    • Monitor merchandise receiving planning.
  • Receiving Planning
    • Order receipt management
    • Receiving through electronic documents
    • Return receipt management.
  • Invoices Control and Invoicing
    • Invoices matching and balance
    • Credit note management
    • Stores Invoicing following order from stores
    • Supplier Invoicing following return to supplier
    • Stores account receivables.
  • Return Management
    • Return distribution center to suppliers
    • Return store to distribution center.
  • Stock Management
    • Consolidate, optimize stock levels
    • Merchandise movements, follow-up and tracking
    • Manage fiscal and physical inventories evaluation
    • Manage input and output stock.

valoores in'Retail provides Retailers with a flexible solution that facilitates timely decision-making, communication and coordination among all players that intervene throughout the Supply Chain process.