ibs Space Planning


Over the years, retailers have invested tremendous efforts to transform traditional stores into an attractive shopping place, in order to satisfy and retain consumers. The new concept attracts more and more retailers with the deployment of the in-store shopping experience. Indeed, the management of stores by the universal consumption has become a priority for all retailers (universe of perfume, bio, person, leisure, etc).

A strong response to new customer shopping experience is the key for successful store plan building: senses mobilization, atmosphere, intuitive organization and clear in-store signals.

The implementation of this method corresponds to a combination of optimized store plans and planograms from upstream analysis.

“shoppers looking for a global answer to fulfil their expectations”

ibs Space Planning enables you to finalize your commercial in-store strategy, and offer the consumer the luxury of living the shopping experience in a nice and relaxing in-store atmosphere with clear and marketing oriented layouts.

How do you make your stores more attractive, gain shopper's loyalty and attract new shoppers?

  • Make the visit in stores a pleasurable experience and not an unbearable waste of time. Shopping should be a pleasant and distracting activity where buying becomes a joyful act. Consumers should realize that retailers care about their needs and expectations.
  • Develop your store plan based on your strategy while respecting the retailer's image. Your store management will be directly reflected on your image distinguishing you from your competitors: aisle spacing, on-site ads and signals, height of your shelves, etc.
  • Take advantage of our solutions to increase the consumer's in the store, and to boost the value of the 'average' shopping basket: customer flow studies; attractive shelves building; implementation definition (For example, choose to promote your private brand, purge your layout, define strategic position of categories).
  • Prepare your shelf segmentation and organization to ease buying decisions and to make consumers move easily inside the store. ibs Space planning enables you to create your own segmentation at any level of the merchandising hierarchy, while respecting the logic of category implementation.


“how to highlight all the upstream work to consumers?”

After selecting the optimal assortment for each store or group of stores in ibs Assortment, you need to place the product in the right place. Customers should have easy access to products, and you have to ensure ample supply of products on the shelves to reduce out-of-stock risks.

ibs Space Planning perfectly covers retailers' needs in terms of space management and offers them the best solution to fulfil the entire process:

  • Take advantage of our reports allowing an accurate market and internal analysis. Our multi-dimension analysis tools help you identify emerging and prevailing trends that will boost your market shares.
  • Work with pleasant solutions developed by our laboratory to make the store plan creation an enriched experience that can reflect your company image.
  • Take up the challenge of store plan remodelling with our graphical solutions for store plans and planograms building (2D or 3D view). Define the best in-store presentation according to your strategy to generate traffic (configuration merchandising rules and parameters).
  • Increase your revenue and inventory productivity by reducing over-stock and out-of-stock risks, and maximize your returns on both inventory and shelf space investments.
  • Enlarge the level of collaboration and communication between merchandise planners and stores: analyses of store feedback, sending recommendations from headquarters, automate and control the implementation of the merchandising policy…
  • Automate store plan and planogram building based on your merchandising, items and/or other rules. Draw your inspiration from our best practices of visual merchandising and presentation display to create / update successfully your store plans and planograms.
  • Optimize the space for all kinds of formats with the reconciliation between assortments lists and available space to manage wasted space.


  • Market Analysis & Retailer Strategy
    Rely on market oriented analysis and strategy building solutions.
  • Build Efficient Store Plans to optimize customer flow
    Make the best choices to review and/or build optimized store plans with better consumer influx management.
  • Build attractive and efficient Planograms
    Build attractive and efficient planograms.
  • Stores Communication
    Establish a flexible communication flow adapting to your organization's mode.

ibs Space Planning optimizes the balance between global retailer's image, merchandising rules and customer behaviour to make the shopping experience more attractive and enjoyable for customers, which subsequently translates into more optimistic sales results and shoppers loyalty.