ibs AMS


Latest generation solutions tend to provide easy access to information and, moreover, the meaning of them. In order to provide a complete and simple vision on KPI, well-designed visual and graphical representation of information have been pushed as the most comfortable way to analyze information.

With its i3v7 evolution, valoores in'Retail Retail Business Suite has integrated this paradigm and implemented it as a must have for the ibs AMS solution.

The objectives of i3 have been fully followed by the ibs AMS solution, now providing:

  • Instant access to information with real time ibs Analytics simulations
  • Infant understanding of the displayed information
  • Intuitive navigation through the proposed analysis and comparison features

“The best indicators are useless if they cannot be exposed simply to decision makers”

ibs Analytics Forecast engine is now exposed in a comprehensive manner to business users and decision makers can take full benefits of advanced simulations to take the best decisions.


Embedding strategies creation in business solutions and providing a detailed access to results through ibs AMS has proven its efficiency in real conditions, providing optimized performances to retailers without impacting their business processes and working habits.

ibs AMS is the single entry point for "business-embedded" simulation & optimization.

It allows integrating unified simulation optimization in the business process in order to optimize marketing and sales policy and measure impacts and benefits from objectives achievement to operational implementation.

Coupled with a business-oriented interface, unique for all the businesses, it ensures a complete coordination between businesses to actually optimize the process from end to end.

Implemented modules at our clients shows for example an increase of margin of ~2% when optimizing retail prices, with a parallel better competitor position leading to more benefits without sacrificing market shares. The impacts of the retail price changes are automatically available to supply chain service, as the unique forecast simulation is updated live to reflect impacts of price change policy.

The overall combination of the steps has created a fully operational optimization process, ensuring the best strategy and its realization in stores.


  • ibs AMS Forecast Visualization Portal
    • ibs AMS displays forecast results directly and perform simulations and advanced "What If" scenarios.
    • ibs AMS provides multiple views of the information (graph, grid, reports, zooming abilities).
    • ibs AMS allows advanced analyses directly within the solution and evolved comparisons features.
  • Forecast Accuracy Monitoring
    • Constant comparisons of the forecast to the respective observed values in order to track accuracy level and ensure constant level of accuracy
    • Generation of accuracy (distance) and bias (directions) ratios at different aggregation level (category, SKU…) and different horizon for various business purposes (day, week, month, quarter…)
    • Use of standards of industry (MAPE, WMAPE, MAE, MAD…)
    • Native tracking embedded within the ibs Analytics meta-forecast engine for accuracy automated improvement
  • Marketing Optimization
    • standard retail and transfer pricing,
    • promotions,
    • markdown,
    • assortment
    • space planning

  • Operations Optimization
    • allocation,
    • replenishment
    • ordering

ibs AMS is the "end cap" of ibs Analytics forecast and modeling engine. Coupled to advanced optimization engines and exposing information through i3v7 interface, it gives to business users the keys to improve their revenues and benefits short, mid and long term.