Automate your Integration Process

ibs Integration gives an administrator the possibility to manage the data flow from a point to another one in guaranteeing the information integrity.

“manage your integrations and benefit from soft solutions' suite integrity controls”

The integration process can be either launched manually or launched automatically thanks to an ibs Workflow business process. ibs Integration provides also some comprehensive views of the integration logs.


General Description:
Once the integration project is configured, the user has the option to:

  • Simulate it
  • Execute it manually
  • Execute it automatically

How to?
The simulations and manual executions are some ibs Integration application internal functions. The Administrator chooses to execute the project either in live or in simulation and then proceed to the execution.
Whenever the Administrator needs a redundant execution (in case he needs to integrate the movement information from the POS every night per example), he may link the Integration project to an ibs Workflow Business Process.

If the mapping is from type “Import” or “Export” with a procedure source, then, the Administrator will use a “CDS Integration” activity.

If the mapping is from type “Export”, then the Administrator may use a message ("Alert" or "Email" activity).


General Description:
Since the integration is touching the data, it is capital for an administrator to know if the data have been correctly imported or exported. Then, comprehensive log reports are included in ibs Integration.

How to?
The Log reports list all the project occurrences that have been executed. It gives the execution main information and its status (failed, successfully completed and successfully completed with warnings).

If the Administrator may go further into details, he may consult the different steps of the execution with detailed status for each one of them. In the example on the right, which is the example of a csv file import in the application, we can see the following steps:

  • Initialization
  • Checking of mandatory fields
  • Checking of the integrity
  • Logging rejected lines
  • Stage of Data valid preparation
  • Data Integration

The Administrator may also consult the errors and their business reason and the global result of the integration with the number of inserted records.