Favorites News & RSS

Thanks to the Indicator and KPI portlets, you will monitor your strategy. Thanks to the Alerts and To-Dos, you will manage the exceptions and organize your time.

“from the strategy to the execution”

The Favorites Portlet is the operational ibs Dashboard starting point, which leads you from the strategy to the execution within Soft Solutions' Suite.

The News and RSS are the opened window to the external and permit either to convey corporate information (News portlet) or to receive RSS information feeds from the Internet.

“stay connected without quitting soft solutions' suite”


General Description:
Usually, a user manages only a few services. Navigating in the applications to go to his allocated sections may represent a non-productive action and may need some training.

Thanks to the Favourite portlet, the users don't have to look for their sections anymore and access the right place in one click, from his Dashboard.

“access to the needed service in one click”

ibs Dashboard provides the user with Favorites management and a function to share them between users.

How To?
The users, from any page in the different Soft Solutions' Suites, thanks to a dedicated function create the Favorites.

He can also give him a description to better identify what is the business use of the destination page.


General Description:
Thanks to the News, the company publishes corporate news to any employee who has an activated news service. This service permits the Administration or the Marketing service to quickly diffuse information to the entire company.

“inform the entire company in a few clicks”

The News service provides the administrator with many administration tool:

  • Create a News spooler
  • Manage the News publication by date
  • Purge the News

How To?
The News service contains two views of the same information:

  • A display only view, scrolling at the bottom of the ibs Dashboard


General Description:
The information available on the Internet is wider every day, implying users to visualize more and more sites to have a complete and objective point of view of the information.
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology concentrates the information sources and filters the data to keep only the information you need.

In the ibs Dashboard RSS portlet, the user simply refers to the URL of the RSS file for each site he is interested in, and set filters so that it displays only the interesting articles.

“be informed in real time about the external events”

How To?
To display any RSS feed (per example, a store manager will display the weather channel to know what are the article to promote the same day), the user will just insert the feed URL address in the portlet.