Dashboard Design Management

As detailed in the main page, ibs Dashboard is composed of many portlets. Their presence / absence and default place are managed through two functions:

  • My Dashboard: to manage your own default design
  • Dashboard Publisher: to manage a standard design for specific users or specific roles

“customize your dashboard to your exact need”


General Description:
This feature permits a user to design a Dashboard for himself. He can add all the portlets he is allowed to use in ibs System and predefine their relative position in his screen. They can be either:

  • General portlets (Alerts, To-Do, Indicator, Favorites, News, RSS, KPI, Server information)
  • Application portlets: Some portlets can sum up application pages information. It is then specific to its business. The user may here select the application portlets he needs.

“manage your own dashboard page”

How To?
If the user is allowed to in ibs System, he enters the configuration section through "Edition Tool" link on his Dashboard page. Then, he has just to drag and drop the different portlets he needs and position them the way he prefers.


General Description:
For many reasons, a company may prefer to handle the ibs Dashboard customization massively by roles, predefining and publishing some templates, without asking each users to configure their page by themselves. Then, an administrator can configure many Dashboard page templates and allocate them to specific roles or users.

“predefine dashboard depending on the user roles”

Then, the administrator will be able to

  • Select the portlets to be display (a double check will be done depending on the destination user's rights in ibs System)
  • Position the portlets
  • Select the KPI and Indicators to be displayed
  • Select the Favorites links to be displayed

A preview screen permits to have the future Dashboard page layout preview.

Then, depending on the company policy, the user will have the right or not to tune his Dashboard page and return to the default template if needed.

This tool permits a newcomer to start with a relevant Dashboard page, without any manual intervention.

How To?
An administrator user will access through the “Edition tool” link on his page to the “Dashboard Publisher” menu and proceed to the layout building the same way than in “My Dashboard” section. Then, he will save this template and manage the destination users either through their user names or their roles.