Spotlight News

valoores, Leading Solution Provider, releases in'Via, a world class BI solution, to the Banking & Finance industry.
November 07, 2014
valoores accentuated its predictive Analytics platform to sustain the Banking & Finance industry’s decision-making, anticipate the market’s future needs, and retain customers. Its forecast-based Business Intelligence model has been calibrated to cater a wide spectrum of stakeholders across the board. valoores’ forecasting model is equipped with the capacity of funneling decomposed information through outlier detection, defining confidence intervals and guardrails, identifying seasonality and variations, with a self-adjusting accuracy mechanism. All this is governed by a progressive GUI engine, extrapolating models’ results to visual actionable information.
valoores delivers a world class Master Data Management to the Banking & Finance industry.
October 15, 2014
Following its proliferating Master Data Management implementations, valoores introduced the "Single Version of the Truth" to the Banking & Finance industry. valoores focused on alleviating the financial challenges in designing decision making vehicles, with an environment of heterogeneous scattered systems. valoores’ Master Data Management secures information quality and integrity, through governing operational, transactional and processed data, and modeling a consistent and reliable foundation. Master Data Management replaces multiple ownerships, with diverging cultures and disciplines, by a solid foundation that sustains future road maps.
valoores expands its footprint in financial solutions and goes live with Money Transfer solutions.
September 30, 2014
valoores, Leading Solution Provider, goes live with BOB Finance in more than 800 locations. Money Transfer industry is branching out with proliferating agents, governing progressive business processes, with challenges in sustaining consistency across silos, availability to an exponential growth of agents coming on board, and robustness in maintaining a highly transactional work flow. valoores tackled this industry’s pain through designing a dynamic model that sustains the diversity of Money Transfer disciplines, a robust Master Data Management foundation that secures integrity across all operations, and compliance with corporate strategies on Cash Management, Fidelity, Card Management, Billing, & Payment.