in’Analytica, with its native forecasting models, has been introduced to leverage customer-centric products, segmentation / clustering based optimization vehicles, and introduce what-if simulations, rule-based offer mechanism, and ROI-aware decision making vehicles.

valoores’ embedded Analytics engine evaluates historical trends, seasonality, cycles, elasticity, confidence intervals, outliers and other environment variables, to produce forecast, and accentuate decision making, strategies and conflicts’ resolution, based on forecast-aware BI.

valoores in'Analytica empowers data and business analysts to extract knowledge, discover new insights and make predictions—working directly with large data volumes in the valoores Database. valoores in' Analytica, offers a combination of powerful in-database algorithms and open source R algorithms, enabling organizations to rapidly build and deploy enterprise analytical applications which are highly scalable and readily integrate with both enterprise business processes and BI environments.

Forecast and Elasticity Engine: Rule based engine using historical sales data to produce high confidence and accurate forecast with 52 week horizon. The engine produces regular and promotional elasticity indexes based on historical price fluctuation that is used in price execution.

Forecast Simulation: Users can produce alternative forecast values by changing a number of variables such as prices, segmentation, store availability and compare the impact of such changes on sales, profit, margins and quantities.


valoores delivers pre-built KPIs & KRIs, tied to our clients’ strategies, to set goals through series of objectives defined upfront, and monitored through upstream and downstream workflow notifications...
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in'Retail Performance Analytics

Predictive analytics play a big role in the organizations’ life cycle, steering the direction of success and boosting the marketing ROI through the use of data...
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in'Loan Loss Forecasting and Provisioning

valoores financial services' in' Loan Loss Forecasting and Provisioning performs major tasks required by IFRS 9 based on variety of parameters...
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in'Business Analytics

valoores in'Business Analytics empowers data and business analysts to extract knowledge, discover new insights and make predictions—working directly with large data volumes in the valoores Database...
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in'Enterprise Financial Performance Analytics

In today’s rapidly evolving and complex financial services environment, it is more critical than ever for banks to quickly understand profitability results adjusted for risk. valoores in' Enterprise...
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in'Retail Customer Analytics

Gone are the days when consumers were significantly loyal to just one bank. Nowadays, it is customary for consumers to engage with multiple banks for their mortgage, checking/savings accounts, lines of credit,...
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in'Enterprise Stress Testing & Capital Planning Analytics

Each year financial institutions are required to comply with a plethora of regulations, which becomes even more complicated for those operating in multiple jurisdictions...
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in'Institutional Performance Analytics

Today’s banking customer is different than yesterday’s banking customer. The market is saturated. Products are rarely, if at all, differentiated. To add to this, information about competitive products...
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in'Asset Liability Analytics

The highly volatile and liquid nature of today’s financial markets is forcing companies across the Financial Services industry to place renewed emphasis on the most efficient use of capital,...
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in'Analytical Applications Basel III

In response to the recent global financial crisis, the Basel III regulatory requirements are considered robust and far reaching; however, banks are finding it challenging...
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in'Model Risk Management

Financial institutions use models in critical functions including risk quantification, fraud and money laundering detection, performance management and business development...
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in'Operational Risk Analytics

valoores in' Operational Risk Analytics enables business-user driven reporting through true enterprise-wide operational risk analysis with a comprehensive and readily deployable suite of pre-built analytics,...
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