"A worldwide experience of retail"

valoores in'Retail has been the leading software provider for retailers worldwide for more than 25 years. We focus our strategy on providing standardized solutions to world class retailers, and on accomplishing their business objectives by guaranteeing a return on investment.

In the late 80's, valoores in'Retail started out with ibs Referential (master databank) and purchase center decisional solutions (negotiation and pricing) that gradually evolved throughout the years to deliver what is now the most comprehensive suite (ibs Suite) available on the market for retailers; covering all aspects of business operations from information management to analytics to strategy executions.

Today, valoores in'Retail has strong relationships with a diverse portfolio of retailers from around the globe, among them are Tier 1 retailers.

Strategy Guidelines

The market position of valoores in'Retail answers the below points:
  • Our client portfolio is composed of worldwide retailers and category-killers. Our determination is to become experts in understanding the business management process of all categories in the retail market (GM, DIY, Culture, Furniture, Rx…) and deliver our expertise to benefit general merchandising retailers. Thus providing the best approach for any of its business operations.
  • The key to success is information. As we continue our efforts in standardizing our master data management solution, ibs Referential, which evolved to what is now MDM Suite. We extended our approach to include movement and simulations into the core of information to set Data as the foundation of information systems, and went even further and extended MDM to MIM (Master Information Management).– Extracting INFORMATION out of DATA.
  • Execution anywhere: The fast changing pace of business in a global market, and the need to access information on demand and react faster than competitors, has driven valoores in'Retail to update ibs Suite v6 to the new i3v7 version for mobility. With the state-of-the-art technologies in i3v7, retailers can access up-to-date information anytime, anywhere, thus widely optimizing the effeciency of their strategies.
  • We speak retail. Years of experience made valoores in'Retail the expert in understanding the retail business more than any other software provider. With combined experience of over 25 years, our retail-centric teams guarantee that our solutions are fully wired with actual business needs and reassures our clients that we are, without a doubt, the right company for process analysis, audit, change management and all retail business solutions. Our results speak ROI.