Monitor the Scenarios Executions

Users can monitor the Workflow definition integrity or execution performance. The ibs Workflow application provides users with many BAM and Diagnosis tools to have all the processes under control from a single point and without interruption.

“Design your business process based on your retail business suite”

Absent employee? ibs Workflow covers that. Seamlessly streamline processes and communication to act on time sensitive information. Utilize ibs Workflow features to boost the success of process and increase ROI by covering absent stakeholders. If a key employee is absent for any length of time, the administrator can configure a backup recipient who will receive alerts and to-dos, thus reducing gaps in business processes and execution continues without disruption.


ibs Workflow BAM tool permits a business user to monitor his/her scenarios executions according to different points of view:

  • Whenever an internal triggering event is batched, the user may force the scenario execution, even if the batch is not complete. Ex: The process should be launched only when 10 modifications occurred; the administrator needs to force the execution even if 5 modifications occurred.
  • Whenever a process depends on a scheduled triggering event, the administrator may force the scenario execution even if this is not the time to launch the process.


The BAM module also provides the technical contributors some reports to analyze the executions on the Database whenever, for example, there is a reported slowness of the system.

These reports retrieve all the queries executed by ibs Workflow (still running and the one done and archived) on the Data Base and their related performance consumptions:

  • For the execution itself
  • In CPU time
  • In Elapsed time
  • In runtime memory
  • In optimizer cost


Whenever a scenario contains errors, they may impact on the Suite environment. Therefore, to ease the administrator's work, ibs Workflow contains different diagnosis tools to detect:

  • The Invalid process (processes active with inactive triggers)
  • The processes with missing documents (processes with a linked report or query which is not in the ibs Reporting library anymore)
  • Running process: retrieves all the processes which are running without pending actions
  • Unused Triggers: retrieves the list of the activated triggers that are not used in any process. This may impact server performance without any business added value.


Whenever a user is absent for a period of time, ibs Workflow permits to redirect any sent alerts or to-do tasks to the backup user.

The backup user will inherit the absent user's access rights (defined in ibs System by a role with starting and ending dates).

The alerts and the to-do tasks the backup user will receive will be tagged as “escalated” in his Dashboard, so that he will be able to discern his own tasks from the inherited ones.

The records are not duplicated. If the backup user receives a to-do task and closes it, it will not appear in the To-do list remaining tasks anymore.